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Workforce Skills Certification System Training

Training is required to implement the WSCS. Training can be held at your site, at the CASAS office in San Diego, or at the CASAS National Summer Institute held each June in San Diego, California.

WSCS training enables instructors and service providers to:

  • implement and administer the Workforce Skills Certification assessments (formally known as the Certification Assessment Battery)
  • implement and administer the Workforce Skills Project-Based Portfolio (formally known as the Certification Assessment Portfolio)
  • link workplace skill standards to curriculum and assessment
  • guide learners as they demonstrate and document skills through work-based learning experiences

Certified Assessors

Many workforce skills certification programs prefer to use an independent certified assessor. Certified assessors are available through CASAS. Arrangements can be made for an independent assessor to administer and score the tests. The writing portion of the Problem Solving test must be scored by a certified assessor or through CASAS. Fees are determined by number assessed. Training is available for those who wish to become certified WSCS assessors.

For more information on training options and fees, contact CASAS at 1-800-255-1036, or

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