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Assessment Policy


The Assessment Policy document provides guidelines for developing and implementing a comprehensive state and local assessment policy for ABE, ESL and Adult Secondary Education (ASE)/HSE programs, including workforce and family literacy programs. This document identifies key assessment policies that support:

  • Selection and use of appropriate assessment instruments
  • Appropriate test administration, scoring, and reporting of test scores
  • Appropriate use of test results to inform instruction and improve programs
  • Reporting valid and reliable assessment results and related information for accountability to local, state, and federal funding sources and policymakers

The assessment policy guidelines include the selection and use of appropriate learner assessment and procedures for:

  • Accurate learner placement into appropriate program and instructional level
  • Diagnostic information to inform instruction
  • Pre- and post- testing to monitor progress toward goals
  • Certification of level and program completion.

These policy guidelines also include staff training and test security requirements for all staff who administer CASAS assessment and use the results from these assessments.

Be sure to check with your state or local administration for policy documentation specific to your state and program.

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