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Intake Screening

Intake and orientation is your opportunity to welcome students to your program and determine their needs, goals, skill levels, and education and work backgrounds.

With an effective intake and orientation process you'll create a learning environment that works with each of these factors. You can promote student retention rates, improve learning gains, and build overall program success.

How can CASAS fit into the drive for success? CASAS standardized appraisal tests place students into the appropriate program, level, and class — a great beginning for both students and instructors. Your program staff can administer an appraisal in a computer-based format with CASAS eTests or use paper tests — and they can do that individually or in a group setting. Instant test results make the placement process easy and seamless.

That's why CASAS appraisal tests are so widely used with youth and adults in a variety of alternative education and workplace settings.

What's the connection between intake and orientation and retention?

Engage your students at the beginning and they're more likely to have higher retention and completion rates. Use those proven intake strategies – building relationships, ensuring that students understand their options and your program expectations, and helping them identify the steps in their learning journey – and you'll have students more engaged in and responsible for their education!

Intake Screening

CASAS Intake Screening Process for STEPS 2024PDF726.73 KB Download
Intake Screening Flowchart for STEPS 2024PDF138.67 KB Download
CASAS Intake Screening Process Life and Work and GOALSPDF1.21 MB Download
CASAS Intake Screening Flowchart Life and Work and GOALSPDF121.63 KB Download
Intake Screening Scoring SheetPDF162.58 KB Download

Oral Screening

CASAS Oral ScreeningPDF319.93 KB Download

Reading Screening

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Writing Screening

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