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Online, Computer-Based, and Computer Adaptive Testing

Do you need cost-effective assessment options? CASAS eTests brings together two types of computer-delivered assessment:

  • Online and Computer-based tests (CBTs) are electronic versions of standard CASAS test forms.
  • Computer-adaptive tests (CATs) draw from an extensive CASAS item bank to customize assessments to the unique ability of each examinee.

Programs (including WIOA Title I and Title II-funded programs) confidently use CASAS eTests for appraisal and progress testing because the standard CASAS test forms available (CBT) are validated by the U.S. Departments of Education and Labor. Programs not required to administer parallel fixed-form tests often prefer CAT assessments because they provide maximum accuracy and speed.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Greater accuracy and reduced test timeeTestsFlyer_teacherStudentsComputers
  • Basic reports include group, student and learning gains
  • Export capability to common database applications
  • Option to combine locator and pretest into one test event
  • Immediate access to test results; no hand scoring or scanning
  • Automatic selection of next appropriate test, based on prior test score
  • Local installation or online delivery options

Assessment series available in CASAS eTests include:

  • Appraisals or Short Computer-Adaptive Locators
  • Employability Competency System Reading and Math (ECS)
  • Government and History for Citizenship
  • Life and Work Reading and Listening (L&W)
  • Life Skills Math
  • Reading for Citizenship
  • Secondary Level Assessment Reading and Math (SLA)
  • Workforce Learning System Reading and Math (WLS)
  • Workforce Skills Certification System (WSCS)

Delivery Formats 

Scoring Options

Automatic, desktop results exportable to TOPSpro Enterprise



In the past year, our center converted to computer-based CASAS assessments.  We serve 1200+ students a year, many of whom are non-English-speaking and many are older adults.  When they initially sit down at the computer, they are terrified.  However, a staff member personally helps them learn to maneuver the mouse until they are comfortable enough to complete the assessment.  I have seen adults finish the assessment elated and proud to finally be using a computer - and they haven’t even started classes yet! ~ Sandy Jensen, Manager Hawkeye Community College Metro Center, Adult and Family Literacy Programs
Using CASAS CBT is so helpful because the computer automatically assigns the next test based on the previous scores. We could have a room full of students taking different level tests. We do not have to start and begin together as a group. A student can leave when finished and another one can take over, even while others are still testing.~ Barbara Jacala, Adult Education Program Specialist, Guam Community College

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