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System Requirements

Windows 10 and 11

Windows computers must meet or exceed the following requirements.

  • CASAS eTests is compatible with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari web browsers.
  • The Home edition of Windows is not compatible.



  • iPads with 2048 X 1536 resolution. This includes 9.7 inch and 7.9 inch models. Other sizes or models are not compatible.
  • iOS 11 or higher
  • Install eTests Online Guided Access app


  • Mac machines are compatible if you use Apple’s Boot Camp utility to install Windows 10.

All Devices

  • Stable internet connection with 1 megabit per second of download bandwidth available for every testing station
  • Headphones required to administer listening tests
  • The test interface is compatible with touch screens as well as with a mouse and keyboard

Clock Synchronization

  • Windows computers must have their internal clock synchronized with an internet time source. If joined to a domain, workstations should receive time from a domain controller automatically, but sometimes network issues interrupt that regular synchronization.
  • Chromebooks and iPads synchronize time automatically when connected to the internet.

Testing Station Registration

Certified coordinators and proctors, or your technical-support staff, must register each device to use for testing, a one-time task per station. Doing this allows the online application to recognize each station and confirm its security.

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