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System Requirements

Windows 10 and 11

Windows computers must meet or exceed the following requirements. Note: If staff will use a testing computer at other times to manage data with TOPSpro Enterprise, it must meet TE System Requirements as well. We recommend not installing TE on testing stations, but some customers find that useful or necessary.

  • Latest version and all available Windows updates MUST be installed for security compliance and full functionality.
  • Pentium 4 or equivalent processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 1280 x 1024 recommended minimum display resolution
    Note: Display resolutions below 1280 X 1024 may require users to do additional scrolling while taking a test.
  • eTests is compatible with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari web browsers
    Note: Internet Explorer is being phased out by Microsoft. It is currently compatible with eTests, but may cease to be at any time.



  • 9.7-inch screen or larger with minimum 2048 x 1536 resolution. Smaller or older iPads are not compatible.
  • iOS 11 or higher
  • Install eTests Online Guided Access app


  • Mac machines are compatible if you use Apple’s Boot Camp utility to install Windows 10.

All Devices

  • Stable internet connection with 1 megabit per second of download bandwidth available for every testing station
  • Secure browser environment maintained with an HTTPS connection
  • Headphones required to administer listening tests
  • The test interface is compatible with touch screens as well as with a mouse and keyboard

Firewall Configuration

If you need to configure your firewall to allow access to the CASAS eTests secure browser, review Firewall Configuration Guidelines.

Clock Synchronization

  • Windows computers must have their internal clock synchronized with an internet time source. If joined to a domain, workstations should receive time from a domain controller automatically, but sometimes network issues interrupt that regular synchronization.
  • Chromebooks and iPads synchronize time automatically when connected to the internet.

Testing Station Registration

Certified coordinators and proctors, or your technical-support staff, must register each device to use for testing, a one-time task per station. Doing this allows the online application to recognize each station and confirm its security.

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