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Sample TOPSpro Enterprise Reports

TOPSpro Enterprise (TE) is a data management software application that tracks student progress, including learner assessment scores and learner performance on target competencies. Teachers and administrators find the classroom reports TE generates are very helpful in planning their instructional approaches.

Displays test results for a class by CASAS test form, and lists the percentage of correct responses and related CASAS competencies by item.

Displays student item responses by CASAS test form within a Class. This report identifies class wide and individual needs and targets instruction.

This report helps agencies evaluate their data collection efforts and provides information about what is critical for state and federal reporting. The DIR addresses all areas of accountability reporting, displaying issues related to NRS tables, core performance, CA payment points, pre- and post-testing, and general data quality standards.

Aggregates all individual student Entry Records and provides a representation of the student population and program goals of an entire agency.

Reports the number of web-test units (WTU) consumed per month and per site within program years. Drill-down function provides details about tests such as form, modality, and student.

Federal tables define the relationships between TOPSpro® Enterprise Entry, Update, and Test Record forms, and the National Reporting System (NRS) Federal Tables reporting structure.

Sample report presents competencies and content standards assessed in math and includes a predictor for the likelihood of passing a High School Equivalency exam.

Sample report presents competencies assessed in reading and listening.


Matches first-to-last test according to test modality. Locates matching tests even if a student changed classes since first test, and allows user to set the test date range for the anchor test.

Lists students with their last CASAS test form, scale score, and test date. Based on the previous test result, this report displays, by modality, the next-assigned test (NAT) form and level for the specified date range.

Displays a summary of test results to provide test-takers with immediate feedback after completing a test (this is an optional setting in eTests).



Shows test results of an individual student on a given test form by displaying the competency number and statement for each test item and indicating if the student correctly answered the item.

Lists, by agency, site, or class, every student who has taken a test and displays the test history for each student—including CASAS test form, test date, scale score, hours of instruction, and scores outside of accuracy range.


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