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Workplace Speaking

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Workplace Speaking

Ensure that students, incumbent workers, and those seeking a return to the workplace are both comfortable with and prepared for English-language workplace conversations with supervisors, co-workers, and others. Let the CASAS Workplace Speaking assessment help you meet that goal! The test is designed as an informal assessment and instructional supplement and covers these topics:

  • General workplace vocabulary
  • Personal identification information
  • Employment information, job history, and education and skills
  • Personal topics such as family, background, and goals
  • Safety in the workplace
  • Principles of good customer service, employee supervision, and workplace attitudes

Delivery Format

Oral Interview Booklet (for test administrator)

Scoring Options

Manual Scoring

Advantages and Benefits

  • Build self-confidence in individuals' workplace speaking and listening capabilities
  • Test easy to administer, score, and interpret
  • Test questions engage workers and workplace students in subject matter
  • Test results help guide workplace education instructors in curriculum development and lesson planning

Sample Interview Test Questions

  • What's your name?
  • Where are you from?
  • What type of work do you enjoy?
  • Why is good customer service important?

Test Specifics

This is a one-on-one oral interview test for high beginning to advanced English language students. Topics include questions about work and social language. The test includes a variety of workplace picture prompts used to engage the test-taker in typical workplace conversations.

  • Form 273 and Form 274 — 15 to 20 minutes each


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Training and Certification

CASAS offers self-paced Workplace Speaking administration certification. A self-training manual provides a training CD and certification exercises. If you have not yet completed the certification process, you'll need to do so prior to ordering Workplace Speaking. Please contact CASAS for more information.


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