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Work Readiness Checklists and Worksite Performance Ratings

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As you prepare individuals for the job search, you'll want to know:

  1. Are they ready for the job search in today's intensely competitive market?
  2. Do they understand their career options?
  3. Can they organize a resume, produce a well-written cover letter, and complete a job application?
  4. How solid are their interviewing skills?
  5. Can they articulate their job experience or their training?
  6. And, once they land the job, do they have the work maturity skills to hold the job?

So, how do you determine who's ready for the job search? What's your solution?

The Work Readiness Checklists! Use one or more, or all, checklists and you'll know who is ready and who still has work to do to get ready.

Seven checklists cover key skill areas for all job-seekers!

  • Career Awareness – Making Career Decisions and Using Labor Market Information
  • Preparing a Résumé
  • Preparing a Cover Letter
  • Completing an Application
  • Interviewing for a Job
  • Work Readiness and Soft Skills
  • Job Experience/Training

The Work Readiness Checklists Meet U.S. Department of Labor Core Competencies!

The Worksite Performance Rating provides evidence of work readiness as demonstrated on-the-job. This easy-to-use evaluation tool — completed by the worksite supervisor — provides valuable information regarding a student worker’s performance. Developed and validated to meet business and industry standards and aligned with SCANS, the Worksite Performance Rating captures four levels of employability performance in seven workplace skill areas:

  • Resources Management
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Systems Thinking
  • Information Management
  • Technology and Tools
  • Thinking Skills
  • Personal Qualities

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