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NEDP Graduate Stories

For NEDP graduates, completing a high school diploma opens the opportunity to transition to postsecondary education, improve employment options, provide positive role models for their children, and improve their lives in other significant ways.

The personal testimonials below are just a few of the success stories of our graduates.


Pursuing Higher Education, Improving Employment Opportunities,
and Changing Lives!

Keyli Bonafacio

Maryland  — NEDP is a program that opens new doors and empowers individuals to pursue their goals and dreams. Many of these students overcome obstacles to complete their NEDP program. For all of them, receiving a diploma changes their lives. This is true for Keyli who is a bank teller trainer for a branch of a large regional bank in the Washington, DC, area. She is the single mother of two daughters who are in elementary school. She was offered a promotion to a higher paying job with additional responsibilities by her employer, but she was not able to take advantage of the opportunity as she lacked a state high school credential. She enrolled in the NEDP program at Howard Community College to accomplish this goal. Keyli worked diligently on her assignments with her two daughters sharing the kitchen table for homework sessions. Her daughters helped with the dinner and clean up chores, so Keyli could complete her school work to be ready for her appointments. Keyli was able to continue her commitments with her job and her family and deal with a long arduous commute to the NEDP site while in the program. Congratulations to Keyli for graduating in Oct 2007! We look forward to hearing from Keyli when she receives her promotion!

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