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The NEDP was a phenomenal experience. I am super grateful to have worked with the wonderful staff in the program. They pushed me when I needed it and kept me on my toes the whole way through. I commend you all for the great work and services you are offering. Thank you again and God bless.


Welcome to the National External Diploma Program® (NEDP), where we change lives! The NEDP is a hands-on learning high school diploma program that allows adults and out-of-school youth to complete tasks that have real-world relevance to show high school-level skills. The NEDP is built upon the understanding that adults continue learning even after they leave school and honors the many ways they have gathered information by giving choices for how an assignment is completed. The NEDP offers subject areas that are cross-walked with the College and Career Readiness Standards for in-demand career and lifelong learning experiences recognizing that learners have different performance strengths.

It is in this spirit that the NEDP graduates are awarded a traditional high school, state-issued diploma to those who have successfully completed all the tasks.

There are no words to describe how grateful I am for the NEDP. It helped me to reach my dreams to go to college and to get a job. Thank you so much. To my teachers, my tutors, and the director of the program, may God continue blessing each of you.

The NEDP assesses academic, work readiness, and life skills including:

Foundation Skills and Core Subjects
21st Century Themes in Context Areas
Self-Efficacy Skills
 Reading  21st Century Workplace
 Writing  Cultural Literacy
 Mathematics  Civic Literacy and Community Participation
 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
 Information and Communication Technology  Health Literacy
 Goal-Setting and Time Management
 Financial Literacy and Consumer Awareness
 Media Literacy
 Learning to Learn
 Working Independently
 Geography and History

NEDP Professionals Speak About the Program

Advancing Innovation Podcast – State Leadership in Supporting Innovation in Adult Education

NEDP Information KitPDF841.00 KB Download
NEDP - A WIOA SolutionPDF184.62 KB Download
NEDP A Solution for All WIOA TitlesPDF152.57 KB Download
NEDP tear off flyer finalPDF2.74 MB Download
NEDP 18 by 24 poster fillablePDF2.75 MB Download
NEDP Hardware and Software RequirementsPDF465.17 KB Download
Download an NEDP Sample Performance TaskPDF637.26 KB Download
Literacy, Technology, Community. The Importance of Smart Technology in Workforce and Adult EducationPDF207.79 KB Download

NEDP has made it very challenging for me on all levels of study. This has showed and proved to me that I can accomplish any task set before me. This is on my time schedule and study at my convenience. All the help I needed was available. Friendly and helpful NEDP staff. Thank you!

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