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Going Live! with WSCS

5. Complete Workforce Skills Certification System (WSCS) Implementation Training (Live Webinar – email to register; required for all WSCS users) 

6. In TOPSpro Enterprise (TE), add sites and enable for CASAS eTests

7. In TE, add user accounts for staff

  • Enable eTests/TE access
  • WSCS access groups

8. In eTests, register testing stations (desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, iPads)

9. In eTests, check for WSCS testing sessions

10. Conduct a trial run of the WSCS assessments:

  • In eTests, register students
  • In TE, check “Is WSCS” in the student demographics record
  • In TE, send students to LRI and get Soft Skills assessment user and password
  • In eTests, administer Intake Pre-Test Sessions (Reading GOALS or Life & Work Reading, and Math GOALS)
  • In eTests, administer one of the Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Test Forms

11. Go live with WSCS!

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