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Update on CASAS Testing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

April 28, 2020

CASAS launched Phase 1 of remote testing with pilot test agencies in three states on April 20th. We are pleased to report that these pilot sites were successful in conducting remote testing with a limited number of students in their programs.

This week, pilot agencies from four more states will participate to further refine this new process and the related training materials and guidelines.

May 4th will mark the beginning of Phase 2 of remote testing. CASAS is inviting agencies from 8 – 10 additional states that have expressed interest to participate in this soft launch by attending the new proctor training webinar for remote testing.

Another focus of Phase 2 is to expand the CASAS approaches to remote testing to include additional video conference platforms, as well as the number of students that can be tested at one time. In these early stages of implementation, it is necessary to restrict the maximum number to 5 or fewer in order to maintain test security requirements for secure standardized tests.

If new solutions emerge that can provide for more students to be tested at a time, we will definitely explore them. In the meantime, CASAS encourages programs to try out remote testing on a small high priority sample of students in order to develop the capacity and flexibility to administer tests remotely in conjunction with distance learning now and in the future.

April 22nd CASAS webinar on remote testing recording.

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