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Implementing the Workforce Skills Certification System

Occupational Guides

Approximately 160 occupational profiles in the California Career Zone now link to the California Occupational Guides provided by the California Employment Development Department.

These Guides expand on the information available in the California Career Zone profiles and many provide regional detail.

The complete list of CA Occupational Guides can be found on the EDD website at:

Success Stories

Pathways to Employment through the Parolee Education Program The Pathways to Employment project at Contra Costa COE’s Santa Fe Springs Parole Site is a shining example of the importance of comprehensive workforce transition programs that focus on both academic and soft skills. The project utilizes CASAS’ Workforce Skills Certification System (WSCS) to provide assessment, instruction and workplace connections for the parolee population. Learn more...

Points of Entry Pilot Promotes Career Pathways with the Workforce Skills Certification System The Points of Entry (POE) Pilot was launched in partnership with the US Department of Education Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE) and the Open Society Foundation. Learn more...

Vocational Business Skills Certificates Rancho Santiago CCD provides a very comprehensive counseling and guidance program specifically catered to students in the vocational certification programs. Learn more...

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