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What do I order?

The only purchase necessary to implement CASAS eTests Online is for test administrations (aka WTUs or Web Test Units). Because the application shares a database with TOPSpro Enterprise (TE) Online, purchase of WTUs allows users to access basic TE functions and reports. Details

One WTU is used for one test event in one modality; i.e. one reading appraisal requires one WTU, one math pretest requires one WTU, and so on. Test events that pair a short locator sequence (for placement) followed by the appropriate pretest (based on locator result) require only one WTU. WTUs do not expire.

When do I order more?

For easy reference, each agency account has a Tests Administrations page that logs WTUs purchased, used, in reserve (i.e. tests in progress) and WTUs available.

What is the cost?

See Catalog, page 6. CASAS applies a handling fee of $15 to all WTU orders.

How do I order?

There are two options:

  1. Online
  2. Standard Order Form; submit via fax, email attachment, or regular mail

What is the delivery process?

Because WTUS are intangible, CASAS delivers an email confirmation that WTUs are posted to the production server. The contact specified on the order form should be someone who understands the function of a WTU or someone who can and will forward the confirmation to the appropriate person.

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