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ESL and ELL Success Stories

Agencies and programs across the country are using CASAS to establish comprehensive performance accountability systems, address core indicators of performance, integrate literacy and occupational skill instruction, and evaluate the effectiveness of ESL/ELL, EL Civics, and Citizenship programs.

  • Le-Jao Center Bridges to Success Cohort Program

    The Bridges to Success Cohort Program provides the necessary mentoring, counseling, and, most importantly, peer-to-peer support necessary for successful transitions. (Coast Community College District)

  • CASAS eTests Increases Gains, Especially with ESL Students

    Sweetwater Union High School District in California uses CASAS eTests with over 15,000 students. Implementing CASAS eTests has increased gain and stregthened the program.

  • Workplace Literacy

    This project developed out of a need on the part of an employer to improve customer service, which was suffering because of employees’ poor English skills. (Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz)

  • Moving on Up Transitions Program

    The "Moving on Up" Transition Program informs students about different personal and professional options available to them after completing ESL, ABE and/or ASE courses. (Bakersfield Adult School)

  • Mock Elections: Involving Students in the Political System

    In order to tap into the excitement about the Presidential election as well as teach students about the electoral process, this program created a unique curriculum for their 8-week Community English classes. (The English Center)

  • Integrating Technology into ESL/EL Civics Programs

    Fremont Adult School has pioneered a new way for students to use technology in its ESL and EL Civics programs in an effective and innovative way. (Fremont Adult School)

  • ESL Literacy Volunteer Project

    Mt. San Jacinto College’s ESL Literacy Volunteer Project has helped to improve the ESL classroom experience and helped students to successfully ease into their classes.

  • ESL Retention Task Force

    The ESL Retention Task Force reviews and discusses research related to ESL student retention. The agency started the task force in response to low ESL student retention rates, loss of WIA II funding (due to difficulty obtaining paired scores given low retention rates), and a lack of students moving up through the ESL instructional levels. (Santa Barbara Community College District)

  • MiraCosta College

    MiraCosta College students, teachers, and administrators benefit from clear results and useful reports.

  • Santa Ana College in California

    Santa Ana College uses CASAS to set goals, transition learners, and share best practices with others.

  • Davis School District in Utah

    Switching to CASAS helped Davis School District in Utah increase learning gains, target instruction, and save money.

  • Oral Communication in the Workplace

    Oral communication is the most immediate need of non-English and limited-English speakers in the workplace, and often the first skill addressed by ESL workplace programs.

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