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Workforce Success Stories

Workforce development programs and businesses across the country are using CASAS to establish comprehensive performance accountability systems, address core indicators of performance, integrate literacy and occupational skill instruction, and evaluate the effectiveness of training programs.

  • CASAS role in VESL programs

    CASAS is proud to play a critical role in successful VESL programs across the country.

  • Points of Entry Pilot Promotes Career Pathways with the Workforce Skills Certification System

    The Points of Entry Pilot provides target populations with the training, education, and support services necessary to achieve industry-recognized credentials and sustainable employment.

  • Fire and Rescue Agency Increases Safety by Screening Employees with CASAS eTests

    Using CASAS eTests allows the Goodwin's Mills Fire and Rescue agency to screen applicants and hire competent staff able to perform safely on the job.

  • Washington State I-BEST

    How I-BEST Works: Findings from a Field Study of Washington State’s Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training Program.

  • Innovative testing center for CASAS eTests

    Jamison Manion, Programs Administrator for Workforce Development, in Richmond, VA, shared pictures of their new testing center and classroom in the Center for Workforce Innovation.

  • US-Brazil Partnership for Skills program

    Ten scholarship winners were selected from the 200 students who participated in the 2012 program in Salvador. US-Brazil Connect, Red Rocks Community College, the Denver Center for International Education, and other partners hosted the scholars in a leadership exchange in October.

  • Vallejo Adult School Helps Students Succeed in the Workforce

    Vallejo Adult School helps students succeed in the workforce by blending workplace skills with basic academic skills.

  • Points of Entry Transition Program

    The "Points of Entry" program is designed to develop action plans for incarcerated adults to help them take advantage of educational and work opportunities and successfully transition back into the community. (Elk Grove USD Jail Program)

  • ABE Bridge and Transitions

    This ABE Bridge and Transitions program gives ESL students a clear pathway from Adult Education classes into postsecondary education and the workforce. (San Leandro Adult School)

  • Vocational Business Skills Certificates

    This program provides a comprehensive counseling and guidance program specifically catered to students in vocational certification programs. Students receive individualized attention, and are given the guidance necessary to succeed in the vocational program and in their future careers. (Rancho Santiago Community College District: Santa Ana College of Continuing Education)

  • The Workplace Training Institute (WTI)

    This program highlights the importance of collaborations with local businesses and agencies. (Napa Valley Adult School)

  • Community Outreach Internship Program (COIP)

    This program provides a clear pathway for students to gain the skills necessary to obtain meaningful employment within the University of California San Francisco system. (Jewish Vocational Service)

  • I-BEST Model Applied to VESL Personal Care Assistant/Caregiver Class

    The use of the I-BEST model in a VESL Personal Care Assistant class has successfully integrated vocational training and Vocational ESL instruction. This class creates a strong pathway for students to enter the health care field. (San Diego Community College District)

  • ABE to CTE Pathways Program

    This program was restructured in response to budget cuts, shifting the program’s focus to transitions into Career and Technical Education programs. The new program has proven effective in transitioning students into workforce training programs quickly and successfully. (Sacramento City USD, Charles A. Jones Career and Education Center)

  • Pathways to Employment through the Parolee Education Program

    This Pathways to Employment project is a shining example of the importance of comprehensive workforce transition programs that focus on both academic and soft skills. (Contra Costa County Office of Education, Parolee Project (Santa Fe Springs Site))

  • TeamBuilders Academy Uses CASAS to Help Unemployed, Underserved, and Under-Skilled Workers

    TeamBuilders Academy (TBA) is a Prince George’s Community College Workforce Development Program that offers cohort-based accelerated adult career training.

  • EAGER at Everett Community College

    “We were amazed every day at how easy and efficient it is to use CASAS eTests. It has really helped us process all the people we had to test. We test three days per week ... and all my instructors say... ‘Thank goodness for computerized CASAS!’"

  • Workplace Literacy

    This project developed out of a need on the part of an employer to improve customer service, which was suffering because of employees’ poor English skills. (Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz)

  • Unique Partnership Emerges to Provide Youth Services in Los Angeles

    The City of Los Angeles chose to standardize all assessments using CASAS, which allowed for a non-biased assessment of student gains.

  • Oral Communication in the Workplace

    Oral communication is the most immediate need of non-English and limited-English speakers in the workplace, and often the first skill addressed by ESL workplace programs.

  • Building a Skills Foundation for Maine: WorkReady

    See how Maine is using CASAS assessments with their WorkReady™ program to offer employers numerous benefits beyond mere “work readiness.”

  • Minnesota FastTRAC

    Minnesota FastTRAC (Training, Resources, and Credentialing) seeks to make Minnesota more competitive by meeting the common skills needs of businesses and working adults. FastTRAC programs use CASAS to determine the basic skill levels of their learners.

  • Singapore Workforce Development Agency partners with CASAS

    CASAS – Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems — Helps Meet Changing Needs of Singapore Economy

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