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Gather with Colleagues, Learn the Latest, Advance Yourself and Your Program 

Learn about new and changing policies affecting your agency or school, the array of assessments and tools that CASAS offers, and how best to use CASAS to meet stakeholder requirements.

Leaders in adult education, integrated education and training, workforce development, and other areas provide the guidance.

The knowledge you gain strengthens the success of your organization and enhances your own professional growth. Administrators, teachers, support staff, workforce development professionals, and business and industry representatives all benefit from Summer Institute.

Here’s a little info about our 2023 Summer Institute:

Popular 2023 Sessions

  • New Test Series: ESL Reading STEPS, ESL Listening STEPS, ABE/ASE Math GOALS 2
  • Portal Mania! Introducing the New TOPSpro Enterprise
  • Key TOPSpro Enterprise Reports for New Administrators
  • How Adults Learn: Andragogical Theory to Promote Engagement and Student Retention
  • Become a Data Analysis Detective
  • Chat GPT in Adult Education

2023 CASAS National Summer Institute Quick Stats

  • 120 workshops, panels, and trainings
  • 1,000+ attendees
  • Attendees from 37 states and territories
Regardless of how many years in the field, the Institute provides new and
updated information and never-ending opportunities to connect with other adult educators. 
2023 Summer Institute attendee

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