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2023 Keynote Session with Robert M. Sainz

Each year, the keynote session features a dynamic speaker who shares knowledge, experience, and an array of proven practices that are always of interest to Summer Institute participants.


Mark your calendar to hear the Summer Institute 2023 keynote speaker Robert M. Sainz on Wednesday, June 14, at 9 a.m. in the Royal Ballroom. Be there!

Robert serves as the President and Executive Director of New Ways to Work, a nonprofit focusing on advocacy and technical assistance to improve workforce and education programs and systems. Robert previously served as Assistant General Manager for the City of Los Angeles Economic Development Department and has a proven history of digging beyond the surface—tackling the most devastating social problems that face residents living in communities with diminished resources.

During his 30 year career in the public sector, Robert established the City of Los Angeles YouthSource System, Los Angeles Performance Partnership Pilot (LAP3) and is a founding member of LA:RISE - an innovative model serving homeless and re-entry populations. He also established HIRE LA, one of the nation’s largest public-private youth employment initiatives that combined the visibility of corporate America with solutions designed by policy experts.

Robert looks forward to sharing his expertise in building coalitions and partnerships that maximize resources to produce quantifiable results.


The presenters were awesome and had great energy. ~ 2022 SI attendee

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