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Designing a Single Set of Learning Objectives Webinar

A recording of the webinar held December 6, 2019 is posted in CALPRO’s Online Video Library section “Additional IET-Related Professional Development Video Resources”
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Census 2020 COAAP


EL Civics COAAPs Development

EL Civics 231 and 243 Funded Civic ObjectivesPDF518.89 KB Download
Pre-Approved Civic Objectives ListPDF1.04 MB Download
Revisions to COAAPSPDF551.30 KB Download
EL Civics Basics Part 1PDF1.99 MB Download
EL Civics Basics Part 2PDF1.33 MB Download
Civic Participation and Integrated EL Civics FAQsPDF696.53 KB Download
COAAP InformationPDF369.10 KB Download
COAAP Selection ProcessPDF202.39 KB Download
EL Civics COAAP Development Webinar 2018-19 PDF1.24 MB Download


Integrated EL Civics Documents

2018-19 Career Pathway Examples for Integrated EL Civics PlanPDF219.56 KB Download
2018-19 Integrated EL Civics Plan SummaryPDF358.57 KB Download
2018-19 WIOA Integrated EL Civics Plan FAQsPDF189.35 KB Download
2017-18 WIOA Section 243 Integrated EL Civics FAQsPDF248.44 KB Download
2017-18 Integrated EL Civics Conference Slide ShowPDF455.71 KB Download
2017-18 Integrated EL Civics Program Development ToolkitPDF537.66 KB Download
2017-18 Integrated EL Civics Program Development Plan Fillable PDFPDF2.88 MB Download


Digital Resources

Digital Literacy GuidelinesPDF151.53 KB Download
How to Create a Fillable DocumentPDF256.48 KB Download
EL Civics Conferences 2020 FlyerPDF1.41 MB Download
Getting a Gmail accountPDF396.10 KB Download
Make Strong PasswordsPDF182.01 KB Download


Integrating Digital Literacy Into English Language Instruction: Companion Learning Resource

KQED Teach has a platform to help educators integrate digital media into their instruction. Courses include Media Essentials which reframes traditional media literacy concepts from an audience perspective to a producer perspective and Taking Charge of Social Media which helps educators understand the ins and outs of social media tools and explore their applications for professional learning.



CA AEFLA Regional Network Meeting Presentations

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EL Civics COAAP Development Webinar 11 7 18

Needs Assessment Information for Civic Participation Agencies - EL Civics agencies with a focus on Civic Participation must complete community and student needs assessments as part of their grant requirements. The extensive number of civic objectives available to Civic Participation agencies can make the process of developing needs assessments challenging. Below are several resources that will assist agencies in the creation process, along with a summary form that will provide documentation of the process for their records.

EL Civics: Making a Difference in the Community Awards

Oral Rubric Samples for Civic Participation Additional Assessments get adobe reader

Writing Rubric Samples for Civic Participation Additional Assessments get adobe reader

Using Portfolio Assessment in EL Civics Classes in California get adobe reader
This research brief describes portfolio assessment and explains why it may be an appropriate assessment selection for California EL Civics classes. Portfolio assessment is an ongoing process involving learners and their instructors in selecting samples of student work for inclusion in a collection, the main purpose of which is to show the progress of learners. Perhaps the greatest overall benefit of using portfolio assessment in EL Civics projects is that the learners are taught by example to become independent thinkers, and their ability to take control of their own learning is facilitated.

Implementing Performance Based Assessment get adobe reader

California ESL Model Standards (1992) and Key
The ESL Model Standards document, originally published by the California Department of Education, reflects thinking about developmental stages in second-language acquisition and the nature of communicative competence. The goals of the document are to enrich curriculum and validate the success of existing programs.

College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education:

English Language Proficiency Standards for Adult Education:

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