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For NEDP graduates, completing a high school diploma opens the opportunity to transition to postsecondary education, improve employment options, provide positive role models for their children, and improve their lives in other significant ways.

The personal testimonials below are just a few of the success stories of our graduates.


Pursuing Higher Education, Improving Employment Opportunities,
and Changing Lives!

More students earn high school diplomas with NEDP

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A total of 49 students of all ages earned their GED certifications and 19 others received similar honors through the National External Diploma Program, or NEDP, during a ceremony at HCC’s Athletic, Recreation and Community Center.


The NEDP is a “mastery” course, meaning students have to earn 100 percent proficiency in a subject to pass, said Dawn Schoenenberger, director of developmental education and adult literacy services at HCC.

No timed or standardized exams are required to pass, and all course work — in the form of workbooks or online “modules” — is in line with current K-12 Common Core standards, Schoenenberger said.

Students usually take six months to a year to complete the NEDP course, depending on their desire to finish it, she said.


Upon completion, NEDP students earn a high school diploma issued by the Maryland Department of Education and Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

Alicea recommends the NEDP course to anyone who is in search of an independent home-study program that allows you to work at your own pace.

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