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Going Live! Checklist

  1. Confirm system requirements for each online application
    • CASAS eTests Online System Requirements • TOPSpro Enterprise Online System Requirements
  2. Log in and enroll in the following trainings
  3. Order your eTests and TOPSpro Enterprise package
    • WTUs (TE Basic) or TEUs (TE Enhanced)
  4. After completing Steps 1-3, please email and request CASAS to set up your online account

    Next Steps - Start Up Guides

  5. Connect to your online account Download
  6. Add sites and enable for CASAS eTests Download
  7. Add user accounts for staff and enable eT/TE access Download
  8. Register testing stations Download
  9. Review testing session templates and sessions Download
  10. Conduct a trial run Download
  11. Go live! Download
  12. Retrieve results and generate reports Download

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