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Going Live! Checklist

Getting started with CASAS eTests

CASAS requires all new CASAS eTests customers to complete a series of free, self-paced trainings to order and administer CASAS eTests. Please complete the five requirements listed below and follow the steps to get started.

First Steps

  1. Confirm system requirements for each online application
    • CASAS eTests Online System Requirements
    • TOPSpro Enterprise Online System Requirements
  2. Complete minimum requirements to set up your online account.
    Enroll and complete the following:
    • CASAS eTests Agency Agreement
    • Module 1: CASAS Implementation Basics*
    • Module 2: CASAS eTests Implementation*
         *Also offered as Live Facilitated Training
    • CASAS eTests Coordinator Certification**
    • CASAS eTests Proctor Certification**
         **Staff may hold multiple certifications.
  3. Order your eTests and TOPSpro Enterprise package
    • TE Basic Package WTUs
    • TE Enhanced Package TEUs
  4. Email and request CASAS to set up your online account

Next Steps

  1. Connect to your online account.
  2. Add sites and enable for eTests.
  3. Add user accounts for staff.
    • Certification and training required.
  4. Steps to Register Testing Stations.
  5. Replicate Testing Sessions.
  6. Conduct a trial run.
    • CASAS recommends additional staff complete training before the trial run.
  7. Go Live!
  8. Retrieve results and generate reports.

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