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We are pleased you are interested in learning more about the National External Diploma Program® (NEDP). The NEDP is a high school diploma program which allows adults and out-of-school youth to draw upon their amassed knowledge base to show that they have a mastery of high school level skills. The NEDP is built upon the understanding that students continue learning even after they leave school and honors the many ways they have gathered information by giving choices for how an assignment is completed. The NEDP provides for the fact that students have different performance strengths and therefore are given a variety of ways to show what they know. The NEDP also takes into consideration that students are interested in different kinds of topics and permits them to choose topics of interest to them to demonstrate their knowledge.

It is with this spirit that the NEDP awards a traditional high school, state-issued diploma, or equivalency diploma to those who have demonstrated 100 percent mastery of competencies cross-walked with College and Career Readiness Standards.


NEDP Professionals Speak About the Program


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