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Perseverance pays off!

In December 2018, Sherman completed requirements for the NEDP and received his high school diploma from Charlottesville City Schools (CCS).

Sherman Thompsen and Lisa Climer TJACESherman was instrumental in bringing the NEDP to CCS. He wrote a compelling letter to the school superintendent explaining his extraordinary efforts over many years in working toward the GED, passing four of the five tests and then coming ten points short on his final test before the GED 2014 test was released – meaning he would have to start all over again. Sherman was devastated—he had been working toward his GED since the 1970. (He was drafted into the military before completing traditional high school.) He convinced the school superintendent that SSC needed to offer the NEDP as an option for adult learners. Fortunately, she agreed and Sherman began working toward this goal by entering a brand new adult education program at CCS—the NEDP.

Sherman’s NEDP Assessor witnessed firsthand his very sharp mind and unmatched determination at bi-weekly in-office checks. And, for a time, Sherman worked with a tutor from Literacy Volunteers of Charlottesville/Albemarle. Mostly, this is a CCS family success story. Sherman has long worked as a custodian at an elementary school in the district and befriended a teacher. She has been an angel for him—serving as advocate, tutor, and cheerleader. She also secured a retired teacher and her husband to tutor him.

Sherman’s perseverance is remarkable and a shining light for us all. Despite many obstacles and struggles, he never gave up on his dream of earning a high school diploma. Congratulations Sherman, you are an inspiration to all of us!

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The solution: an assessment that focuses on real-life employment competencies

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