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CASAS Recognized by California State Senate Resolution


The California State Senate recognized and commended CASAS during the 2010 CASAS National Summer Institute for its contributions to the field of adult education and literacy throughout California and nationally. During the Summer Institute, more than 500 attendees from 27 states and seven countries were honored to have CASAS recognized and commended as the result of a resolution of the California State Senate introduced by State Senator Denise Moreno Ducheny. 

Sharing in this honor and recognition are hundreds of professional adult educators who have collaboratively helped develop CASAS over the years. A special State Senate resolution recognizes the significant contributions and professional service CASAS has made to the people of California and to the field of adult education and literacy in California and across the nation. The award was presented by David Alvarez, Community Liaison for Senator Ducheny, to CASAS President Pat Rickard who gratefully accepted the honor — embodied in a commemorative plaque — on behalf of CASAS and its state and national consortium partners.

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(Photo: Pat Rickard and David Alvarez)


The Need: Entry-level workers with the skills to move up

The National Institute for Literacy estimates that businesses lose more than $60 billion in productivity each year because of employees' basic skill deficiencies. A skilled workforce is essential to a company's success.

Workers with strong basic skills learn independently, benefit from training, take on new responsibilities, and move up the career ladder.

How do you know if candidates have the right skills for the job?

The Solution: Assessments that document the right skills, right now

Use CASAS assessments to find the workers with the right skills.

  • Identify skill gaps
  • Document specific and effective workplace behaviors and job-related skills
  • Focus on instructional recommendations and document progress

See how other businesses are using CASAS to find the right workers with the right skills. 

Choose employees who will succeed! Use these resources to help you find the right workers, right now:

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