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Trainings and Workshops

Plan for a unique experience in 2021. Our training workshops and instructive sessions help you learn how to conduct online testing with CASAS eTests and cover what you need to know about testing.

We begin on Thursday, June 17, with technology training sessions as well as CASAS Implementation Training. California Accountability training will be available to California WIOA, Title II: AEFLA funded agencies during this week.

Implementing CASAS

Agencies that want to begin using CASAS should plan for staff to attend two of four implementation training workshops. Workshops are in module format, each with a specific focus. To satisfy training requirements at the Institute, you will need to do the following:

  1. Attend and complete Module 1, Implementation Basics
  2. Attend and complete a second module. Depending on your plans to administer tests, you should choose between these two modules:

Module 2, CASAS eTests Implementation
Module 3, Paper Tests and CASAS eTests Implementation

Module 4, Interpreting Test Results and Reports, is an optional module covering instructional planning.

If you wish to attend additional modules, we encourage you to do so. If you have already completed CASAS Implementation Training and would like a CASAS “refresher,” please attend whichever module workshop(s) best meets your needs.

Technology Training

The Institute includes a variety of technology training sessions for beginning, moderate and advanced users. Sessions are led by experienced technical support and training staff and include interactive demonstrations of TOPSpro Enterprise and CASAS eTests. Topics include:

  1. TOPSpro Enterprise (Basics, Data Management, and other features of the software)
  2. CASAS eTests (Intake Process, Listening Skills, Coordinator and Proctor trainings)
  3. Remote Testing
  4. National Reporting Systems
  5. Distance Learning
  6. TOPSpro Enterprise for Teachers

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