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Your Contribution to the Program

CASAS wants to hear from you. Your thoughts are invaluable to us as we plan the 2019 Summer Institute. Is there a session or a topic that you would like to hear about from today’s leaders in adult education? If so, please e-mail with your suggestions and ideas for a Summer Institute that truly benefits you and your colleagues.

We will post workshop titles and descriptions as they become final. Check back often!


Tuesday Sessions

(*pre-registration required; there is an additional fee for LAB sessions)

*CASAS Implementation Training
*CASAS Implementation Training for Corrections
*CASAS Implementation Training for the Workforce Skills Certification System
*LAB: TOPSpro® Enterprise Basics – Quick Start!
*LAB: TOPSpro® Enterprise Basics – Generating Reports
*LAB: TOPSpro® Enterprise Basics – Scanning
*LAB: TOPSpro® Enterprise Data Mgmt. – Exchanging Data
*LAB: TOPSpro® Enterprise Data Mgmt. – Batch Edit / Insert
*LAB: TOPSpro® Enterprise Data Mgmt. – Merge Wizard
*LAB: TOPSpro® Enterprise Data Mgmt. – Tracking Results
*LAB: TOPSpro® Enterprise Data Mgmt. – Staying on Target
*LAB: TOPSpro® Enterprise for Admins. – Program Monitoring
*LAB: TOPSpro® Enterprise for Admins. – NRS Federal Tables
*LAB: TOPSpro® Enterprise for CA – Reports for AEBG
*LAB: TOPSpro® Enterprise for CA – Reports for WIOA
*LAB: TOPSpro® Enterprise for Teachers – Instructional Reports
*LAB: TOPSpro® Enterprise for Teachers – Access Classes Online
*LAB: QuickSearch® Online for Teachers
*LAB: TOPSpro® Enterprise for CA – Maximize Payment Points
*LAB: CASAS eTests® Online for Coordinators – Getting Ready
*LAB: CASAS eTests® Online for Proctors – Going Live!
*LAB: CASAS eTests® Online - Intake Process
*LAB: CASAS eTests® Online for Proctors – Test Interruptions
*LAB: CASAS eTests® Online for Teachers – Listening Practice
*LAB: Online Tools and Resources for Teachers

Pre-registered Technology Labs


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