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California WIOA, Title II: AEFLA Regional Network Meeting Presentations

In collaboration with the California Department of Education, CASAS program specialists for California give a presentation at monthly AEFLA/WIOA, Title II Mini Training/Network Meetings. Listed are presentations for the current year.

November 2019 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF482.04 KB Download
October 2019 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1023.00 KB Download
September 2019 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF504.81 KB Download
May 2019 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.00 MB Download
April 2019 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF271.53 KB Download
March 2019 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF346.76 KB Download
February 2019 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF348.82 KB Download
January 2019 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF913.30 KB Download

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