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Past California WIOA, Title II: AEFLA Regional Network Meeting Presentations

In collaboration with the California Department of Education, CASAS program specialists for California give a presentation at monthly AEFLA/WIOA, Title II Mini Training/Network Meetings. Listed are presentations for the current year.

Network Meeting Recordings

June 2022

June 2022 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF2.45 MB Download
ABE NRS Levels 4-6PDF154.39 KB Download
Employment & Earnings SurveyPDF153.79 KB Download

May 2022

May 2022 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.82 MB Download

April 2022

Carol Hirota - CASAS Performance Goals April 2022PDF3.13 MB Download
Jaemi Naish - 2022-23 TAS Student Centered DataPDF2.54 MB Download
Thoibi Rublaitus - Learner Focus PGS with Jay WrightPDF2.52 MB Download
Andrew Gamet - Presentation on Persistance and Performance DataPDF1.61 MB Download
Kathleen Porter - CAEP TAP - Data Discussion Performance GoalsPDF1.04 MB Download
April 8, 2022, AgendaPDF183.33 KB Download
April 2022 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.22 MB Download
Using Employment and Earnings Survey Results on the CASAS Data PortalPDF352.35 KB Download

March 2022

March 10, 2022, AgendaPDF100.24 KB Download
March 2022 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.15 MB Download
CAEP Employment and Earnings Survey in TOPSpro Enterprise March 2022PDF1.83 MB Download
NEW TE HyFlex Class optionsPDF522.78 KB Download

February 2022

NRS Performance Goals Part IPDF1.44 MB Download
NRS Performance Goals Part IIPDF1.71 MB Download
NRS Performance Goals Part IIIPDF1.63 MB Download
February 11, 2022 AgendaPDF186.64 KB Download
CAEP Goal Setting & TargetsPDF888.41 KB Download
Generating EL Civics Monitor 2022PDF365.91 KB Download
February 2022 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.29 MB Download
CASAS website links to the EL Civics Support ChannelPDF475.94 KB Download

January 2022

Fabilola Epperly – Functional Role Set-upPDF537.30 KB Download
January 14, 2022 AgendaPDF95.50 KB Download
DIR drill down to the NRS Monitor ReportPDF229.13 KB Download
Brief Overview of NRS Tables 4 and 4BPDF1.08 MB Download
January 2022 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.67 MB Download
How WIOA Performance Data WorksPDF448.10 KB Download
CAEP DIR AveragesXLSX19.88 KB Download
NRS DIR Targets 2018-21PDF189.59 KB Download

December 2021

Supporting Adult School Transitions Dec 2021 Ryan WhetstonePDF4.29 MB Download
Promotion Marketing Adult School LASCC Elaine WebberPDF2.36 MB Download
December 2021 – WIOA II Network MeetingPDF957.57 KB Download
TE meeting agenda Dec 3PDF95.33 KB Download
CAEP Goal Setting presentation from Dec 3PDF1.01 MB Download
Brief overview of CAEP goal setting during Dec 3 TE meetingPDF885.76 KB Download
Brief overview of DIR during Dec 3 TE meetingPDF420.88 KB Download

November 2021

NRS DIR Targets 2018-21PDF189.59 KB Download
November 12 AgendaPDF93.08 KB Download
November 2021 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.07 MB Download

October 2021

October 2021 AgendaPDF93.35 KB Download
October 2021 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.24 MB Download
CAEP CTE OutcomesPDF895.49 KB Download
Test Results Reports with Aggregation Level and TipsPDF649.63 KB Download
NRS Table 4 vs NRS Table 4BPDF365.17 KB Download
Hours between tests FAQsPDF143.63 KB Download

September 2021

September 2021 AgendaPDF93.99 KB Download
September 2021 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.44 MB Download
Competency Performance September 2021PDF811.36 KB Download
NRS Data Reporting September 2021PDF678.40 KB Download
Curriculum Management and InstructionPDF382.70 KB Download
Tips n TricksPDF146.66 KB Download

August 2021

August 6 AgendaPDF93.52 KB Download
TOPSpro Enterprise TE Proxy WizardPDF1.66 MB Download
Program DesignationsPDF709.91 KB Download
August 2021 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.33 MB Download

June and July 2021

July 9 AgendaPDF95.29 KB Download
July 2021 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.65 MB Download
Statewide DIR Averages July 2021XLSX31.71 KB Download
CAEP Enrollees by HoursPDF275.34 KB Download
NRS Ad Hoc Cross Tab Report in TEPDF244.92 KB Download
ELC-IET Class DesignationsPDF637.21 KB Download
NRS Tables in TEPDF2.88 MB Download
June 2021 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.17 MB Download

May 2021

May 2021 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.41 MB Download
NRS Training April 22PDF1.80 MB Download
May 6 AgendaPDF535.12 KB Download

April 2021

April 2021 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF849.14 KB Download
Using the CAEP Summary and I-3 Reports in TE - April 9, 2021PDF1.13 MB Download
Reporting in TE for Perkins and CTE Programs - April 9, 2021PDF276.81 KB Download
Statewide DIR Averages April 2021XLSX13.17 KB Download

Prior Network Meeting Presentations

March 2021 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.20 MB Download
February 2021 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.42 MB Download
January 2021 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.06 MB Download
December 2020 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.24 MB Download
November 2020 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.34 MB Download
October 2020 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.58 MB Download
September 2020 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.26 MB Download
August 2020 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.39 MB Download
July 2020 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF639.49 KB Download
June 2020 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF571.32 KB Download
May 2020 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1020.11 KB Download

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