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Training and Networking for California WIOA, Title II: AEFLA Funded Agencies


California WIOA, Title II: AEFLA Regional Network Meeting Presentations

In collaboration with the California Department of Education, CASAS program specialists for California give a presentation at monthly AEFLA/WIOA, Title II Mini Training/Network Meetings. Listed are presentations for the current year.

Network Meeting Recordings

Network Meeting Presentations

April 2024

Agenda April 5, 2024PDF870.98 KB Download
Joint Statewide Performance ReportPDF1.01 MB Download
NRS Summary AuditPDF850.49 KB Download
NRS PersisterPDF728.59 KB Download
CAEP SummaryPDF374.11 KB Download
April 2024 WIOA II Network MeetingPDF1.17 MB Download

March 2024

March 2024 WIOA II Network MeetingPDF781.34 KB Download
Elk Grove Adult – Promising Practice – Employment & Earnings SurveyPDF476.11 KB Download
Five Keys on Regional CollaborationPDF1.94 MB Download

February 2024

TE Network Meeting Agenda, February 23, 2024PDF763.30 KB Download
Data Collection for WIOA CollaborationPDF1.01 MB Download
February 2024 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.97 MB Download

December 2023

December 2023 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.28 MB Download

November 2023

November 2023 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.47 MB Download

October 2023

October 2023 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.05 MB Download

September 2023

Test SpecificsPDF1.04 MB Download
CASAS CA Acct pagePDF506.50 KB Download
AGENDA. 090823DOCX76.20 KB Download

August 2023

August 2023 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.33 MB Download

July 2023

Agenda, July 6, 2023PDF864.78 KB Download
CAEP reports SI 23PDF2.71 MB Download
Payment Points reports SI 23PDF1.49 MB Download
Payment Points troubleshootingPDF485.97 KB Download
CAEP TroubleshootingPDF479.14 KB Download

June 2023

June 2023 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.22 MB Download
California Consortium Informational PresentationPDF1.07 MB Download
California Consortium Discussion QuestionsPDF219.43 KB Download

May 2023

Agenda for May 11, 2023PDF612.78 KB Download
12+ Hours of InstructionPDF707.01 KB Download
WIOA II Quarterly Survey ResultsPDF603.67 KB Download
DIR Drill Down – Periods of ParticipationPDF569.07 KB Download
Record Change – TE Info ButtonPDF466.20 KB Download
May 2023 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1016.31 KB Download

March 2023

Agenda for March 10, 2023PDF160.25 KB Download
New COAAP using Essay plus ANR and Teacher Portal 3-10-23PDF655.38 KB Download
Field Testing Study Description Beginning ABE Literacy Reading GOALS 2 Item Level Testing with FAQsPDF194.66 KB Download
CAEP Reports examplesPDF212.17 KB Download
Data Integrity Report ComparisonPDF126.46 KB Download
March 2023 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.28 MB Download

February 2023

Agenda for February 10, 2023PDF1.05 MB Download
Transferring Agency Level DataPDF1.41 MB Download
Update Field 9PDF153.34 KB Download
TOPSpro Enterprise (TE) Agency ListerPDF946.02 KB Download
February 2023 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF923.46 KB Download

January 2023

Quarterly Data Submission View PagePDF839.37 KB Download
Agenda for January 13, 2023PDF625.61 KB Download
TE Class DesignationsPDF421.13 KB Download
January 2023 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF744.93 KB Download

December 2022

December 2022 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF681.72 KB Download
EOY 2021-22 CAEP Data Integrity Report Averages - December 2022XLSX27.80 KB Download
EOY 2021-22 Statewide Data Integrity Report Results - December 2022XLSX38.30 KB Download

November 2022

November 2022 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF528.17 KB Download
November 4, 2022, AgendaPDF224.03 KB Download
Using NRS Tables in TE – November 2022PDF2.06 MB Download

October 2022

October 7, 2022, AgendaPDF255.70 KB Download
TE Class Instance DesignationsPDF152.81 KB Download
Comparison of State and Federal Reporting AreasPDF157.58 KB Download
EOY 2021-22 Statewide Data Integrity Report ResultsXLSX37.00 KB Download
October 2022 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF987.20 KB Download

September 2022

September 9, 2022, AgendaPDF94.20 KB Download
September 2022 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF1.26 MB Download
NRS Tables in TE September 2022PDF3.04 MB Download
OCTAE Memo 17-2PDF397.32 KB Download

August 2022

August 12, 2022, AgendaPDF94.84 KB Download
August 2022 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF2.43 MB Download
Using the NRS Tables in TEPDF2.37 MB Download
Enrollment (Entry) SummaryPDF421.78 KB Download

July 2022

July 6, 2022, AgendaPDF94.01 KB Download
July 2022 AEFLA Network MeetingPDF3.04 MB Download
Payment Points Reports 2022-23PDF739.25 KB Download

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