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Facility Verification

Test Security Policy and Agreement

CASAS publishes its test security policy to maintain the integrity of each of its assessments and to assist with the implementation of and adherence to the test security practices described in its policy. Administrators and testing personnel are responsible for following these practices and ensuring that agency staff are aware of and follow said practices.

CASAS eTests Agency Agreement

This online training module is self-paced and complimentary. CASAS requires submission of one agreement per agency. The module outlines minimum requirements for administering CASAS eTests Online with which a site location must comply. All testing personnel (identified as proctors and coordinators) must sign a statement agreeing to uphold the site agreement and the CASAS test security policy. Adhering to these requirements is vital to protect the validity of CASAS assessments available via online delivery.

Adding More Test Sites

Local programs now have the ability to add new sites to their online account. If your program plans to use CASAS eTests Online at a site, check “eTests Site.” Please remember that you must have TEUs or WTUs available and that each eTests Site must comply with all testing requirements as outlined in the CASAS eTests Agency Agreement.

Computer Registration

This one-time procedure requires two certified individuals (two coordinators, two proctors, or one of each) to validate the registration of each machine to be used for testing.

One person may unregister a computer at any time (as long as it is not involved with an active testing session).

Physical Set-Up

Tests proctored to more than one test-taker at one time require a minimum space of 3-4 feet between test-takers. If spacing is less than 3-4 feet apart, you may use partitions between each test-taker, or monitor privacy screens so that onlookers will only see a dark unclear screen when attempting to view information from a side angle.

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