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How to Implement – Overview

Implementing CASAS eTests Online is quick and straightforward. With the necessary components in place, you’ll be ready to launch your online testing program! They are:

  • System compatibility
  • Facility verification
  • Staff preparedness
  • Test administration inventory

System Compatibility

The new CASAS eTests Online HTML version is now available!

  • The new version is compatible with multiple web browsers and offers greater flexibility with the testing experience using Chromebooks as well as Windows PCs.
  • No additional hardware or software is needed other than Internet connection.
  • Compatibility with iPads will be available soon.
  • You can use an Apple / Macintosh machine to run CASAS software if the necessary Windows OS is available via the Boot Camp utility.

Facility Verification

CASAS provides online, self-paced modules (Security Policy and Site Agreement) so agencies can prepare and submit the required agreements. This involves a two-way information exchange – in the Site Agreement module CASAS describes the testing environment that agencies must have in place at each testing location; in the agreement submitted to CASAS, agencies describe the location and point of contact for each testing location.

Registration of computers to be used for testing is a simple and quick one-time process.

Staff Preparedness

All agencies delivering CASAS assessments (via computer or test booklet format) must have at least one staff member who has completed CASAS Implementation Training (IT) and can share a basic understanding of the CASAS System with colleagues.

Specific to CASAS eTests Online, there are two distinct staff roles and functions (certification is required):

  1. Coordinators create testing sessions according to policies established by following the Administrative Planning Guide.
  2. Proctors ensure that during testing, sessions proceed fairly and uniformly.

To simplify implementation, CASAS provides online, self-paced coordinator and proctor certification modules available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Certified coordinators and proctors can register for webinars for hosted demonstration and discussion. Anyone can request access to the simulation server to test-drive the application.

Test Administration Inventory

To get started with CASAS eTests Online, you need only purchase test administrations (aka Web Test Units or WTUs). Comparable to the Scantron answer sheets associated with test booklets, WTUs are generic, “virtual answer sheets” associated with online delivery of CASAS assessments. Examinees consume one WTU during each test event; for example, administration of one reading appraisal or one math pretest consumes one WTU each.

Agencies must place an order for WTUs before gaining access to the “production server” where test administration takes place.

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