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Staff Preparedness

Step 1: CASAS eTests Online SIMULATION

As a first step, anyone interested or potentially involved in online test administration should request access to the Rolling Hills Adult School (RHAS) SIMULATION of the CASAS eTests application.

There is no fee and there is no need to create test data before experimenting with report generation and customization. The account is pre-populated with imaginary students and information.

Connect with the SIMULATION Server to:

  • Explore the application
  • Test-drive its functions and features
  • Administer tests to experience how the application functions
  • Create custom configurations

Step 2: CASAS Implementation Training (required)

This module is available via the CASAS training website at no charge. One person per agency (not necessarily the Coordinator or Proctor) must complete CASAS Implementation Training. Agencies using CASAS paper-based assessments should already have met this requirement. If so, it is not necessary for someone to repeat the session.

Step 3: Coordinator and Proctor CERTIFICATION (required)

These modules are also available via the CASAS training website at no charge.

Per agency, at least one person must complete the Coordinator certification and at least one person per site (other than the Coordinator) must complete the Proctor certification.

Coordinators typically manage the scheduling and configuration of testing sessions. Proctors typically start, oversee, and stop testing sessions as scheduled.

Step 4: Staff Training (recommended)

Help documentation is available at CASAS Home > Training and Support >

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