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System Compatibility

CASAS maintains an HTTPS connection and secure browser environment. Administering tests via eTests Online requires a Chromebook or a Windows PC with Internet access. Macintosh computers are compatible if configured to operate using Windows OS via Apple’s Boot Camp.

System Requirements

Windows computers must meet or exceed the following requirements. Note that computers used for administrative functions (TOPSpro Enterprise) must adhere to TE System Requirements as well.







Disk Space


Application Management
   • Any modern OS

Test Delivery

   •Windows 8/10
Any modern browser Pentium 4* or later
*or equivalent
512 MB 2 GB 1280 x 1024


If purchasing one or more Chromebooks, consider the following:

  • Chromebooks manufactured by any/all vendors are compatible; CASAS does not make recommendations.
  • Touch screen capability is typically a more expensive Chromebook option that can benefit examinees who need accessibility options. Depending on the population served, consider purchasing that option for one or two testing stations.
  • To administer listening tests, the Chromebook(s) must include either an audio port or USB; headsets require a corresponding audio plug or USB plug.


Installation / Data Storage (Windows OS testing stations only)

Implementation does not require installation of any permanent files. Instead, one executable file (.exe) runs locally during test administration. Users require only normal access rights to execute tests on a local testing station registered to connect with the testing server.

A secure server managed by CASAS hosts the application and houses all test data. Users may export data to store locally if desired.

Computer Clock Synchronization

Non-Chromebook testing stations at a site may be members of a domain, in which case a network time server probably synchronizes the computer clock automatically. If necessary, follow this procedure to synchronize the internal time source with the same external time source as the online testing server.

Testing Station Registration

Certified coordinators and proctors, or your technical-support staff, must register each computer to use for testing, a one-time task per station. Doing this allows the online application to recognize each station and confirm its security.

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