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The CASAS Essay Test analyzes a short 3-5 paragraph essay about a current topic using a rubric and autoscoring software. The student’s essay is composed within the CASAS eTests framework using a secure word processor with a spell checker.

Target Population NRS Level 2 and above. ESL advanced.
Timing 60 minutes
Uses Evaluate writing skills using a rubric and autoscore, with scores between 1 and 4 (highest).
Difficulty Level One level, three different prompts
Training Requirement CASAS Implementation Training
NRS Approval No.


Language sample report - score 10PDF57.95 KB Download
Essay sample report - score 3PDF67.57 KB Download
Essay Test Rubric and GuidelinesPDF197.09 KB Download
Writing Assessments Advisory NotesPDF307.85 KB Download
Writing Assessments FAQsPDF235.37 KB Download
CASAS Essay Test Administration DirectionsPDF511.58 KB Download

Sample Test Items

Use the CASAS eTests Sampler tool to see how the Essay Test word processor functions.

Test Specifics

Please consult the “Essay Rubric” for skills associated with each score between 1 and 4. Use the Personal Score Report for Essay to see a “prescription” for improvement in the four areas (Main Idea, Organization, Word Choice, and Grammar and Mechanics).


Many curriculum choices are currently available for teaching writing skills to adults. The duration of your writing classes and the level of your students will determine the materials best suited.

Fast Track to Better WritingPDF978.00 KB Download
Exploring the New CASAS Writing Assessments by SBASPDF4.25 MB Download
Paragraphs to Essays - Kay Hartley SI 2023PDF321.21 KB Download
Introductory Essay Paragraphs AKeiler SBUSDPDF1.61 MB Download

Student Experiences Using CASAS Essay Test


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