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Our Spanish Reading Comprehension Test is a favorite among programs that want to identify the reading abilities of native Spanish speakers.

The test also is widely used to evaluate the Spanish language proficiency of students in programs that teach Spanish to speakers of English and other languages.

Spanish-assessment-itemDelivery Formats

Web-Based Testing (CASAS eTests Online)
Test Booklets

Scoring Options

Manual Scoring (answer keys are included in the Test Administration Manual)

Advantages and Benefits

  • Test items represent authentic reading materials in Spanish-language newspapers, advertisements, and other common displays
  • The test is culturally generic and not specific to the Spanish of any particular country
  • Easy to administer, score, and interpret
  • There is no training requirement for the Spanish Reading Comprehension Test. Simply order and read the Spanish Reading Comprehension Test Administration Manual

Test Specifics

There are two forms of this test. Use as a placement test or for pre- and post-testing.

The difficulty level ranges from three to nine years of education in most Spanish-speaking countries.

Self-scoring answer sheets in Spanish are available to accompany each test form.

Students have up to 50 minutes to complete the test.

Spanish Reading Comprehension Tests
Form Number Number of Test Items
Form 653 30
Form 654 30


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