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Ensure that your students are well prepared for the citizenship process and USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) interview. Let CASAS citizenship assessments help you meet that goal!

  • The Citizenship Interview Test (CIT) is a one-on-one oral assessment that simulates the citizenship applicant's English-language interview with a USCIS examiner. Give your students self-confidence in the speaking and listening skills they'll need for a successful interview experience! Please visit the Remote Testing for California webpage.

  • The Reading for Citizenship test series is designed to motivate beginning readers to improve their citizenship-focused reading skills. Make sure your students go into their USCIS interview ready to demonstrate their abilities to read basic English!

  • The Government and History for Citizenship tests reveal how much students know about American government and history. Citizenship applicants must demonstrate a solid knowledge of U.S. "civics" to complete the citizenship process successfully!

Delivery Formats

Citizenship Interview Test — Oral Interview Booklet (for test administrator)
Reading for Citizenship — Web-Based Testing (CASAS eTests Online) or Test Booklets
Government and History for Citizenship — Web-Based Testing (CASAS eTests Online) or Audio CD (with questions) and Test Booklets (with answer choices)

Scoring Options

CASAS eTests
TOPSpro Software
Manual Scoring (answer keys are included in Test Administration Manuals)

Advantages and Benefits

  • Tests are in line with the USCIS citizenship interview process and USCIS requirements that require applicants to "be able to read, write, and speak English and have knowledge and an understanding of U.S. history and government (civics)."
  • All citizenship tests easy to administer, score, and interpret
  • Test questions engage citizenship students in subject matter
  • Test results help guide citizenship instructors in curriculum development and lesson planning

Test Specifics

Citizenship Interview Test (CIT)
This is a one-on-one oral interview test for high beginning to advanced English language students. Topics include personal identification and information from the N-400 Application for Naturalization.

  • Form 973 and Form 974 — 15 to 20 minutes each

Reading for Citizenship
These tests assess reading comprehension for low beginning English language students. Forms 951 and 952 are at a CASAS Level A. Forms 951X and 952X are "bridge" tests between Level A and Level B.

  • Forms 951 and 952 — up to one hour each
  • Forms 951X and 952X — up to one hour each

Government and History for Citizenship
This is a test of US civics for high beginning to advanced English language students. Students listen to the questions and choose their response though CASAS e-Tests or on the paper test form.

  • Forms 965 and 966 — 25 minutes each


Use the QuickSearch Online database to determine instructional resources by assessment series, skill area, program type, CASAS competency, publication title, and by publisher.

Access the Civics and Citizenship Toolkit on the USCIS website “to help your organization begin or enhance a collection or program for immigrants" (


Citizenship Interview Test (CIT)
CASAS offers self-paced online CIT administration certification. If you have not yet completed the certification process, you'll need to do so prior to ordering the Citizenship Interview Test. To register for the online course, submit an order for your training.

Reading for Citizenship
CASAS offers self-paced online CASAS Implementation Training at no cost. If you have not yet completed training, you'll need to do so prior to ordering the Reading for Citizenship series.

Government and History for Citizenship
No special training is necessary to order and administer the paper-based test. CASAS eTests proctor certification is required to administer the test online.


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