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The CASAS Listening STEPS (Student Test of English Progress and Success) assessment is aligned with the English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards for Adult Education and includes 5 test levels to support improved accuracy resulting in better student outcomes.

Target Population English as a Second Language (ESL)
Uses Progress testing in everyday life and workplace English language skills (Listening)
Difficulty Level Beginning literacy (Level A) to Advanced ESL (Level E)
Placement Tests CASAS eTests: Locator or Appraisal for placement into pretest
Paper Tests: Appraisal for placement into pretest
Training Requirement CASAS Implementation Training
NRS Approval Yes: English as a Second Language (ESL)
Testing Accommodations  Supplemental Materials for Visual Impairment

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Listening STEPS FAQsPDF171.27 KB Download
Listening STEPS Content Standard BlueprintPDF738.34 KB Download
Listening STEPS Competency BlueprintPDF279.83 KB Download
Listening STEPS Sample ReportsZIP1.04 MB Download
Listening STEPS Grade Level EquivalentsPDF114.87 KB Download


Sample Test Items

View the sample test items to familiarize yourself and your students with the format and content of this listening test series.

Listening STEPS Sample Items by NRS LevelPDF401.84 KB Download
Listening STEPS Samples Items Audio by NRS LevelZIP14.12 MB Download

Test Specifics

Listening STEPS assessments correlate to CASAS Competencies and to the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) for Adult Education. Use student test results to help target instruction. 

CASAS Level Form Number Number of Test Items Test Time*

Scale score ranges**

 Appraisal 619L  28 30 minutes  
 Locator 620L 14 15 minutes  
A Forms 621L - 622L 33 28 minutes 158 - 191
B Forms 623L - 624L 36 45 minutes 182 - 201
C Forms 625L - 626L 39 52 minutes 192 - 211
D Forms 627L - 628L 39 56 minutes 202 - 221
E Forms 629L - 630L 39 38 minutes 212 - 235

*Students must be allowed up to the time listed to complete the test, but most students will finish the test in less time. Students may be given additional time as an accommodation under certain circumstances.

** The last score point shown is the Conservative Estimate score.


Use the QuickSearch Online database to determine instructional resources by assessment series, skill area, program type, CASAS competency, publication title, and by publisher.

CASAS offers self-paced CASAS Implementation Training at no cost. If you have not yet completed CASAS Implementation Training, you'll need to do so prior to ordering the Listening STEPS series.

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