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Secondary Level Assessment

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Secondary Level Assessment

The Secondary Level Assessment series is the leading test series used by adult educators to identify the high school content area reading and mathematics skills that students need to succeed at the secondary and postsecondary levels.

The series offers progress tests (pre- and post) in seven high school subject areas.

  • Mathematics
  • Reading for Language Arts
  • Reading for American Government
  • Reading for U.S. History
  • Reading for Biological Science
  • Reading for World History
  • Reading for Physical Science

Programs can monitor the progress of students working toward obtaining a high school diploma and transitioning to postsecondary education.

Delivery Formats

Web-Based Testing (CASAS eTests Online)
Test Booklets

Scoring Options

CASAS eTests
TOPSpro Software
Manual Scoring (answer keys are included in Test Administration Manuals)

Advantages and Benefits

  • All seven tests are Level D assessments (adult secondary level)
  • Tests administered on CASAS eTests or with test booklets
  • Tests easy to administer, score, and interpret
  • Test questions engage students in subject matter and test-taking experience

Test Specifics

The Secondary Level Assessment series correlates to CASAS Competencies and to CASAS Content Standards. Use student test results to help target instruction in high diploma programs and other secondary level education programs.

Students have up to one hour to complete their test.

Secondary Level Assessment
CASAS Level Form Number Number of Test Items (Per Test)
D Forms 505/506 — Mathematics 38
D Forms 513/514 — Reading for Language Arts 40
D Forms 525/526 — Reading for American Government 39
D Forms 527/528 — Reading for U.S. History 39
D Forms 529/530 — Reading for Biological Science 40
D Forms 533/534 — Reading for World History 38
D Forms 535/536 — Reading for Physical Science 39

Resources and Training

Use the QuickSearch Online database to determine instructional resources by test series, skill area, program type, CASAS competency, publication title, and by publisher.

No training is required to order and administer the Secondary Level Assessment series. Simply order and read the Secondary Level Assessment Test Administration Manual.

CASAS does recommend completion of CASAS Implementation Training for those who wish to enhance their understanding and use of CASAS tests and resources.


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