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Presentation Handouts from 2017

Download copies of the presentations from the 2017 CASAS Summer Institute. (Not all presenters provided copies for posting. If you do not see a session listed, please contact the presenter directly for more information.) If you were a presenter at the CASAS Summer Institute and would like your handouts posted, please email a copy to

ESL CommitteePDF854.67 KB Download
B14 Technology in Adult Education Promising Practices and New DirectionPDF5.35 MB Download
C16 Making the Most of CASAS Written PromptPDF363.38 KB Download
2017 California Consortium Summary NotesPDF940.26 KB Download
2018 Annual EL Civics Conferences FlyerPDF14.68 MB Download
E9 Accelerated Learning – How Do We Make It HappenPDF199.78 KB Download
D9 Retooling and Realigning Adult Ed Programs to Be Dynamic Workforce PartnersPDF84.20 KB Download
D13 Tech Up Your Citizenship ClassPDF2.69 MB Download
B17 Connecting the Dots-Integrating Education and TrainingPDF295.11 KB Download
F2 CASAS Assessments for Citizenship PreparationPDF2.75 MB Download
CASAS National Consortium & Certified Trainer Meeting 2017PDF5.04 MB Download
C10 A Lift for the Shifts-Exploring the English Language Proficiency StandardsPDF23.05 MB Download
A10 D2 New Reading and Math SeriesPDF1.49 MB Download
A10 D2 New Reading and Math Series PresentationPDF1.32 MB Download
B15 WIOA Data Collection and Reporting with TOPSpro EnterprisePDF6.27 MB Download
A7 Executive Overview – TOPSpro Enterprise and eTests OnlinePDF2.09 MB Download
B7 AEBG Data Collection and Reporting with TOPSpro EnterprisePDF2.25 MB Download
General Session and Keynote SpeakerPDF1.90 MB Download
E4 What Teachers Need to Know About the English Language Proficiency Standards 1PDF1.71 MB Download
E4 What Teachers Need to Know 2PDF1.35 MB Download
A9 Adult Block Grant UpdatePDF1.01 MB Download
E10 Implementing Integrated Education and Training at Adult Schools and Community Colleges in CaliforniaPDF92.54 KB Download
B9 AEBG California’s Bold Reimagining of Adult EducationPDF1.27 MB Download
B16 AEBG Panel Understanding the 17-18 Annual Plan TemplatePDF558.18 KB Download
C8 What Makes an Effective Adult Education TeacherPDF1.20 MB Download
A4 A6 A8 B5 Implementation TrainingPDF10.13 MB Download
A5 Implementation Training- WSCSPDF4.49 MB Download
A13 California EL CivicsPDF17.29 MB Download
B4 B6 B8 Beyond the BasicsPDF6.42 MB Download
B11 New Data SubmissionPDF210.89 KB Download
B13 New Reading GOALS SeriesPDF2.65 MB Download
B18 New Reading StandardsPDF1.72 MB Download
C4 California Accountability WIOA IIPDF1.92 MB Download
C10 A Lift for the ShiftsPDF11.73 MB Download
D6 Jail to Jobs flyerPDF74.13 KB Download
D18 E13 Paper to eTest OnlinePDF1.53 MB Download
D19 Teacher Feedback Study-CCRSPDF1.88 MB Download
E10 Implementing Integrated Ed TrainingPDF535.92 KB Download
E12 NEDP and WIOAPDF2.17 MB Download
E15 Giving Job Seeking EdgePDF912.31 KB Download
F4 CASAS Field-TestingPDF908.76 KB Download
Reading Research Group Monday SessionPDF1.30 MB Download
Reading Research Group Thursday SessionPDF348.36 KB Download
A12 NEDP HS CompletionPDF671.02 KB Download
C9 Closing the Gap - How to Improve Cross Cultural CommunicationPDF68.37 KB Download

A3 and C3 LAB: CASAS Online System Basics

Basic ReportsPDF19.68 MB Download
Station RegistrationPDF23.86 MB Download
Test AdministrationPDF26.66 MB Download
Test InterruptionsPDF7.72 MB Download
Testing SessionsPDF21.18 MB Download

B3, D17, E3 and F12 LAB: CASAS Online System Nuts and Bolts

Student RecordsPDF25.90 MB Download
Class RecordsPDF24.81 MB Download
User AccessPDF24.78 MB Download
Data ManagementPDF21.84 MB Download

TOPSpro Enterprise Lab Sessions

A1 B1 C2 E3 LAB: TE Basics Participant GuidePDF3.54 MB Download
A1 B1 C2 E3 LAB: TE Basics Trainer GuidePDF3.65 MB Download
A2 C1 F11 LAB: Instructional ReportsPDF1.66 MB Download
B2 D1 D16 LAB: TE Data ExchangePDF2.67 MB Download

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